NP24 Applied AI in IT Sector

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Why AI?

AI is revolutionizing the IT industry by automating complex processes, enhancing data analysis, and fostering innovation at unprecedented speeds. Its adoption is crucial for staying competitive, improving cybersecurity, and meeting the growing demand for personalized technology solutions. The urgency stems from AI’s potential to significantly increase efficiency, decision-making, and customer satisfaction in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

For any professional in this sector, this playbook will get you started on this urgent and inevitable journey. Don’t miss out on the AI revolution – download the paper, read and apply.


  1. Automated Customer Service: Chatbots and virtual assistants for 24/7 customer support.
  2. Data Analysis and Insights: Deep learning for big data analytics and insights.
  3. Cybersecurity: Predictive algorithms to detect and neutralize threats.
  4. Software Development: AI-assisted coding and error detection.
  5. Network Optimization: AI for managing and optimizing network traffic and performance.
  6. Cloud Computing: Intelligent management of cloud resources and services.
  7. Personalized Recommendations: Machine learning for tailored content and product recommendations.
  8. Fraud Detection: AI systems to identify and prevent fraudulent activities.
  9. Market Forecasting: Predictive analytics for market trends and consumer behavior.
  10. Healthcare IT Solutions: AI for diagnostics, patient care, and operational efficiency.


(PDF, 24 pages, 10×10) This SoMe flipchart captures the main ideas from the paper, and you can post it to start an online conversation about AI in your industry with your colleagues, customers or partners.

(PDF, 2 pages, A4) This cheat sheet contains the main ideas from the paper, for your easy reference. Print it out on a double sided vertical A4, laminate and keep at hand for daily inspiration on AI.

To get started with AI, first do this:

  1. Invest in AI Education and Training: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI technologies.
  2. Start Small with Pilot Projects: Identify low-risk, high-impact areas to implement AI solutions and scale from there.
  3. Partner with AI Technology Providers: Collaborate with established AI firms or startups to integrate advanced AI capabilities into your operations.
  4. Explore other resources on and check out the book “Explain for me AI”.
  5. Please contact us at for further exploration or inspiration through a talk, workshop or case study. We’d love to help!
Silvija Seres

Silvija Seres

Mathematician & AI Investor
SILVIJA SERES - Mathematician and AI investor
I have worked with AI for more than 30 years in research, development and strategy. I am very interested in helping companies drive successful digital transformation and AI applications. If you find this interesting, please get in touch on

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