NP36 Applied AI in Forestry

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Why AI?

AI is revolutionizing the forestry industry by enhancing precision in forest management, predicting environmental changes, and optimizing the supply chain. Its urgent integration stems from the need to combat climate change, protect biodiversity, and ensure sustainable resource use, making forestry practices more efficient and environmentally friendly.

For any professional in this sector, this playbook will get you started on this urgent and inevitable journey. Don’t miss out on the AI revolution – download the paper, read and apply.


  1. Real-time forest health monitoring through drone and satellite imagery.
  2. Predictive analytics for forest fire risk and prevention.
  3. Automated pest and disease detection systems.
  4. Optimization of harvest cycles to ensure sustainability.
  5. Supply chain optimization for timber and wood products.
  6. Reforestation and afforestation project planning and monitoring.
  7. Wildlife and biodiversity monitoring for conservation efforts.
  8. Carbon sequestration measurement and verification.
  9. Wood quality assessment for processing and manufacturing.
  10. Enhanced data analysis for policy and decision-making support.


(PDF, 2 pages, A4) This cheat sheet contains the main ideas from the paper, for your easy reference. Print it out on a double sided vertical A4, laminate and keep at hand for daily inspiration on AI.

To get started with AI, first do this:

  1. Invest in Data Infrastructure: Build or upgrade data collection and management systems to support AI applications.
  2. Partner with AI and Tech Experts: Collaborate with technology providers and research institutions to develop tailored AI solutions.
  3. Focus on Workforce Development: Educate and train the workforce in AI literacy and data analysis skills to foster a culture of innovation.
  4. Explore other resources on and check out the book “Explain for me AI”.
  5. Please contact us at for further exploration or inspiration through a talk, workshop or case study. We’d love to help!
Silvija Seres

Silvija Seres

Mathematician & AI Investor
SILVIJA SERES - Mathematician and AI investor
I have worked with AI for more than 30 years in research, development and strategy. I am very interested in helping companies drive successful digital transformation and AI applications. If you find this interesting, please get in touch on

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