NP01 Applied AI for Healthcare

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Why AI?

In healthcare, every decision made, every action taken, has the potential to impact a person’s life. That responsibility drives us to constantly strive for excellence. Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform healthcare by automating processes, augmenting clinical expertise, and enabling personalized medicine. 

For any professional in this sector, this playbook will get you started on this urgent and inevitable journey. Don’t miss out on the AI revolution – download the paper, read and apply.


  1. Predictive analytics for early disease detection and prevention.
  2. AI-driven diagnostics for accurate and timely identification of conditions.
  3. Personalized treatment plans based on genetic and lifestyle data.
  4. Automation of routine administrative tasks to improve efficiency.
  5. Remote patient monitoring and telehealth for accessible care.
  6. Enhanced drug discovery processes reducing time and cost.
  7. AI in mental health for early detection and customized treatment.
  8. Robotic assistance in surgeries for precision and reduced recovery times.
  9. Virtual health assistants for patient engagement and support.
  10. Data analytics for optimizing healthcare delivery and policy making.



(PDF, 24 pages, 10×10) 
This PDF captures the main ideas from the paper. Easily shareable on SoMe for a start of an online conversation about AI in your industry.

(PDF, 2 pages, A4)
This PDF contains the main ideas from the paper, for your easy reference.

(PDF, 16 pages, 4×3) 
This PDF contains an overview of the 10 main AI use cases for this industry.
(PDF, 16 pages, 4×3) 
IBM Watson Health for patient data analysis
Google DeepMind Health for medical research
Babylon Health’s AI chatbot for consultations

To get started with AI, first do this:

  1. Engage with AI technology: Start by familiarizing yourself with AI technologies relevant to your field.
  2. Identify opportunities for AI application: Look for areas in your work where AI could enhance efficiency, accuracy, or patient care.
  3. Invest in AI education and training: Encourage continuous learning to keep up with AI advancements and their applications in healthcare.
  4. Explore other resources on and check out the book “Explain for me AI”. 
  5. Please contact us at for further exploration or inspiration through a talk, workshop or case study. We’d love to help!
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