NP33 Applied AI in Social Services

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Why AI?

AI is revolutionizing the Social Services Sector by enabling smarter allocation of resources, predictive needs assessment, and personalized service delivery. Its importance and urgency are underscored by the growing need to address complex social issues efficiently, ensuring that support reaches those who need it most in a timely manner.

For any professional in this sector, this playbook will get you started on this urgent and inevitable journey. Don’t miss out on the AI revolution – download the paper, read and apply.


  1. Predictive analytics for identifying at-risk individuals.
  2. AI-driven platforms for efficient resource allocation.
  3. Automated administrative tasks to focus on high-impact work.
  4. Personalized learning and development programs.
  5. Enhanced mental health support through chatbots.
  6. Optimized job matching for unemployed individuals.
  7. Tailored healthcare plans based on predictive health data.
  8. Real-time monitoring of children for early intervention in welfare cases.
  9. Intelligent systems for elderly care and support.
  10. AI tools for legal aid and advocacy in human rights.


(PDF, 24 pages, 10×10) This SoMe flipchart captures the main ideas from the paper, and you can post it to start an online conversation about AI in your industry with your colleagues, customers or partners.

To get started with AI, first do this:

  1. Assess Needs: Identify specific areas where AI can address immediate challenges or improve services.
  2. Build Partnerships: Collaborate with tech providers, academia, and other sectors for AI resources and knowledge.
  3. Start Small: Pilot AI projects in targeted areas to evaluate impact and learn best practices for broader implementation.
  4. Explore other resources on and check out the book “Explain for me AI”.
  5. Please contact us at for further exploration or inspiration through a talk, workshop or case study. We’d love to help!
Silvija Seres

Silvija Seres

Mathematician & AI Investor
SILVIJA SERES - Mathematician and AI investor
I have worked with AI for more than 30 years in research, development and strategy. I am very interested in helping companies drive successful digital transformation and AI applications. If you find this interesting, please get in touch on

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